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eccentricpuzzle's Journal

Let's see here...I homeschool, and hate it. But I don't like public school either. I don't have much self confidence. I am shy, but that can change quickly once I'm comfortable with people/surroundings. I love reading, but it has been taken over by the computer right now. I wish I could be an author, but I suck at writing. I have brown curly hair. I am kinda chunky. I tend to faze out and daydream a lot. Ebay is fun. If I had a band, I'd name it Emancipation Proclamation. I go through little addiction kicks of cherry cough drops. "Conundrum" and "Chipoltle" are favorite words. Music and Coffee = ♥ . I wish my name was Koichi. It's very zen. I love coconut cake, burritos, and making people smile.