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 "All the best intentions are no match for your skin
Hey hey
Well how am I supposed to love you if I don't even know you

She walks in the shadow of a beauty so bright
But she's looking for love just like I am
An obvious blessing but a curse in disguise when you're looking for love"

-Landon Pigg (Just Like I Am)

It's a black coffee sort of morning.

 Landon Pigg is awesome coffee music. My all time favorites are:
"Just Like I am"
"Coffee Shop"

I'm sitting on the couch with my zune, screen door wide open, embracing the sunshine, and drinking nice large cup of denial. Gotta love a morning like that.

More life lessons to add:

#13 Maybe you're in love with the idea of being in love.
#14 Despite what many people think, oxygen is actually important. (Chyeah, I forget to breathe at times.)
#15 Coffee may just hold some of your best memories.


Well. I started a list of life lessons for myself. They aren't anything too deep...But eh, I wanted to see how they changed as time goes by (*now has song stuck in head*). I guess I'll  post them here once I get a hunk of them.

Life lessons:

Admit to your mistakes and take joy in doing so.
Love isn't a feeling.
If you want to say something, just say it. Don't think twice.
People WILL come and go in your life...but at the end of the day, it's yourself you're stuck with.
Do little things for yourself, and keep some secrets to yourself too.
If you are yourself, then you do not have to try to be unique. You are.
Don't be someone you "want" to be, just be yourself.
You are going to feel rejected, but how you handle those rejections make you stronger.
Every human in the world feels lonely sometimes- embrace it, don't beat it.
Music will never cease to amaze you.
If you want it, then you probably can't ever have it.
There WILL always be someone better then you.



It shines like a bright red ruby. It's as vibrant as an 80s geometric pattern. It's overly sweet as a sugar cane. It carries as much curiosity as a child that is longing for learning. It's that one warm room in a bitter cold house. It's your black striped sock feet tapping softly to a timid tune. It's as good as a card filled with cash. It's like an ocean mist on your dry skin. It's as though I saw the sun rise a blinding manner. It's like strands and strands of candy sitting on a shelf waiting to be bought. It's as translucent as water. It dazzles as a disco ball. It's like that one moment you are about to take something precious, like a fine gold. It's life.


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